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“Marketing is our passion and management is our strength”
We are the builders of legacy. We take a company from a manufacturing site to a brand, a brand that breaks through the market and takes your idea to your real audience. We are the missing piece in your marketing team whose outside efforts and inside support will help you achieve your goals and get results in less time that too on the price that suits you. We at Brand Madhyam make marketing simpler with the help of our ambitious team with years of experience in the sphere of advertising, marketing, retail promotion, and events. We believe in high-quality organic growth which makes you happy and your clients happier.
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We have a team of Experienced professionals and ambitious employees who all are working day and night with all the enthusiasm to help brands recognizing their full potential and to the highest possible reach. We provide you with a crew of very efficient crew with golden standards providing top-notch service.


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Your company deserves to grow… Let us clear your path.

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What We believe


We believe that the location is the most important factor. As in the property industry location determines the success of the OOH Campaign.


No OOH Locations are constructed unless all approvals are received from local authorities and solid landlord rental contracts are in place.


In order to ensure continuity of contracts and relationships with local authorities, landlords and clients, Brand Madhyam believes in transparency at all times.


Because we know our market and environment we work in, we guarantee accuracy in terms of pricing, timing and maintenance, thus ensuring that our clients are satisfied.

Our Approach

In the competitive market place,  effective communication helps clients achieve their bottom line  business objective.


Clients Requirements







We believe in impact; an impact holds the power to change the world. But what impact has to do with our advertising and branding agency? We help you in working hard and harder for your vision by sharing your load. We share your visionary idea and advertise it in a way that makes your company “Grand”. But that’s not all, we provide you a method which suits your company the best by making a tailor-fit advertising campaign just for your brand. We are more than just a conventional advertiser; in this age of digitalization, we reach your targeted audience with all sorts of methods from conventional billboards flashing your brand to digital marketing using social media to uplift your marketing game. To be honest, it is never about us, it is all about YOU! Your vision is our vision, your consumers are our patrons, we exist to help you serve this consumer base to the best levels.

At Brand Madhyam, YOU and YOUR BUSINESS matters the most. Let’s grow together…

Production House & Internal Work Process


We have pleasure to introduce you some of biggest brands we have partnered with :
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